©Ross Harvey

Nikon European Wedding Collective Look Book

Wedding photography adapts its style in line with ever changing fashions. In this Look Book, the Nikon European Wedding Collective has uncovered an exciting collection of classic, current and emerging trends in wedding photography – all captured on a Nikon camera and NIKKOR lens – and provided tips on how to recreate some of the iconic shots.


©Nadia Meli

Of the trends that have emerged over the past decade, some have become treasures that will evolve, while others make us smile, capturing the spirit and fashion of the time.


©Ross Harvey

As the Nikon European Wedding Collective attends a multitude of weddings throughout the year the photographers witness the latest trends firsthand.


©Chloé Lapeyssonnie

With exceptional knowledge of the wedding industry, Nikon’s Collective has identified trends that are gradually emerging throughout Europe.


As wedding photography trends evolve, influenced by fashion, lifestyle and technical advances, the Nikon European Wedding Collective has agreed on many elements, but one thing is for certain; the future of wedding photography is bright, creative and technical.

©Simona Smrcková and Kamil Saliba