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When Precision Matters

Reliability in optics saves lives. Whether it’s for neighbourhood policing or monitoring the seas as a coastguard, clarity of vision and an optimum field of view will give you the advantage. However you serve, our optical excellence has your back.

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Surveying the Seas

As a lifeguard, you’ll be watching for the smallest movements that show you when someone’s in trouble. Our bright and clear optics give you the edge.

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Patrolling The Coastline

At sea, clarity of vision is paramount. You need a sweeping view and the finest optics that allow you to react quickly to other passing vessels or to help spot irregularities on the horizon.

Managing Our Forests

Forestry can be a lot of legwork, but our laser rangefinders make it easy to measure height from a distance so you can achieve more from one location.

WX Binoculars - Heaven For Discerning Stargazers

The WX series’ phenomenal optical performance and super-wide field of view take you deep into the night sky, revealing fresh details and exquisite colour nuances. A Field Flattener Lens System brings outstanding edge-to-edge clarity, while Abbe-Koenig prisms offer a brighter field of view, and three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements per tube give a contrast-rich and high-resolution image. Experience stargazing like never before – space walking into the stars.

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WP Global Compass Binoculars - Navigate Any Waters, In Any Storm


The 7x50CF WP GLOBAL COMPASS binoculars feature a built-in global compass, enabling you to confirm directions accurately regardless of whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. You’ll only need one pair of binoculars, wherever you go. The rugged and waterproof porro prism construction is built for all the challenges of marine environments, while multilayer coated lenses give bright and clear images. Observe sweeping seascapes with the wide field of view.

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Forestry Pro - Move Less, Measure More


Take the legwork out of forestry measurement when you no longer need to get close to your target. Laser rangefinders designed for the industry allows you to measure height even if the tree top or base is blocked by branches. You can cover more ground faster and with greater accuracy. Measure actual distance, horizontal distance or height. Results are shown on internal and external LCD panels so you can view readings instantly and move on to the next job.

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