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Nail the shot

Introducing the COOLSHOT LITE STABILIZED, a rangefinder guaranteed to up your game.

Experience a calm and steady view of the course during those high-pressure moments thanks to Nikon’s STABILIZED technology. With HYPER READ and slope adjustment, you can explore options for your shots without slowing down play.


Up your game


A steady view

Featuring innovative technology from Nikon’s imaging products, the COOLSHOT LITE STABILIZED steadies your view by reducing hand shake and environmental factors. Finding your target is easy - just lock on and play.


Fast, pinpoint accuracy

The built-in HYPER READ technology gives quick and reliable measurements (in approx. 0.3 seconds), comfortably visible within the LCD display. Think more about your next shot without slowing your game.


Choose slope-adjustment

When playing for leisure you can turn on ID (incline/decline), which will factor in slope, crucial for uphill and downhill shots. Alternatively, use the Actual Distance Indicator, which signals compliance for competitive play.


Locked On

The LOCKED ON function informs you of the distance to the closest subject, helping you target the pin and not a tree that might be in the background.

Understand the terrain

Gauge real-time and accurate distances of trees and other hazards which might be in your way with the single or continuous measurement functions.


Weather friendly

A little bad weather never stopped play, and it certainly won’t stop the COOLSHOT LITE STABILIZED. The rainproof rangefinder can withstand a range of conditions.


Light and compact

The lightweight rangefinder is small enough to fit in your pocket, weighing just 170g. You have enough heavy kit to carry – this won’t weigh you down.


Competitive play

The Actual Distance Indicator LED lets your competition know that the ID technology mode is not in use, when slope-compensation is prohibited.

Additional information

¹ Reference value. Under Nikon’s measurement conditions. 
² Under Nikon’s measurement conditions.

The specifications of the product may not be achieved depending on the target object’s shape, surface texture and nature, and/or weather conditions.


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