Nikon to release new firmware for the Nikon Z 9 flagship mirrorless camera

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28th December 2021: Today, Nikon is pleased to announce that Firmware Ver. 1.10 for the Z 9 flagship mirrorless camera is scheduled for release and will be available for download on January 5, 2022 via the Nikon download centre and via the Snapbridge mobile app.

Firmware Ver. 1.10 for the Z 9 will greatly improve the duration for high-speed continuous shooting.

When shooting at 20 fps in [High-Efficiency RAW + JPEG BASIC (L)] recording, the duration will improve from the previous approx. 3 seconds to the world’s longest*1  approx. 15 seconds*2.

When shooting at 20 fps in [High-Efficiency RAW★+ JPEG BASIC (L)] or [JPEG FINE (L)+ JPEG BASIC (S)] recording, the duration improves from the previous approx. 3 seconds to approx. 8 seconds*2.
The improvement of high-speed continuous shooting will further support the capture of decisive moments for fast-moving subjects in high resolution.

Additionally, a future firmware update will add variety of video functions as well as further improved operability and functionality for both stills and videos.

*1 When shooting at 20 fps in [RAW + JPEG] recording with mirrorless cameras incorporating an image sensor of 30 megapixels or larger, available as of December 28, 2021, based on Nikon research.
*2 When using NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S lens and ProGrade Digital Cobalt 1700R 325GB memory card. The duration will shorten if the card in slot 2 is selected for Backup, or ON is selected for Auto distortion control, etc.

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