What inspires you?

My view is that you should never repeat an idea or a story that has already been done, unless you are 100% sure that you can do it better and find a unique angle or approach. I get inspired from interesting stories and the locations that go with them.

What drives you as a photographer?

All stories deserve to be told and I enjoy telling them through my photography. One of my best known projects, the Via PanAm Project, a multi-media endeavor published on different platforms, took a lot of effort but I was committed to telling the story and it was my responsibility to tell it the right way.

What are your favourite photos?

Some of my favourite photos are those I took for a rising sea level project. It had little interest, as was not considered a wider issue, but is now very relevant.

How long have you used Nikon products for?

I have been using Nikon products for 33 years, before I even started my professional photography career. So my partnership with Nikon has lasted longer than almost anything else!

What is your favourite Nikon gear and why?

In the past I absolutely loved my Nikon F2, as it was so sturdy and reliable and worked well in extreme weather conditions. I love using the Nikon D810, it has really good resolution, great video functions and is a good size.

What products will you be using most in the coming months?

In the next few months I am planning to shoot with the Nikon D5 - it really stands out to me as it has an incredibly high ISO, which is almost close to night vision. I am also interested in testing its 4K video capabilities.

How do you feel about your new role as Nikon European Ambassador?

It is great to reach out to a bigger audience and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and explain the idea and purpose behind my work. I have been developing into this role for a few years and really want to share my knowledge and inspire enthusiasts, as well as professionals.

How did you react when you were initially asked?

Being co-founder of NOOR, an organisation that unites a select group of accomplished photojournalists and documentary storytellers focusing on global issues, my initial reaction was being excited by the large audience I’d be able to communicate these important issues to. NOOR has had a close relationship with Nikon for the past ten years, ever since the brand offered me a Nikon D300 for a critical story in Nigeria; so it feels like a natural progression in our partnership.

How do you see your role progressing?

I first started using Nikon in 1983, so my relationship with the brand is actually longer than my professional life. I hope this relationship continues to grow and so happy to represent Nikon and their great products.

I am really excited about the project I’ll be working on too, making things happen and telling a story. I’m also looking forward to the prospect of any photography workshops, when I can help advise a new audience on behalf of Nikon.