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Joe McNally - Big Light, Small Flashes

TYPE: Course

A highly caffeinated, turbocharged day of small flash tactics and techniques with internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally.

After a brief slide show, the morning is devoted to creating the building blocks of sophisticated flash use, starting with one light, on the camera. We investigate small light shaping tools, using soft boxes, fill boards, diffusers, found objects, someone wearing a white T-shirt, etc. The emphasis is on fast moving, travelling light. After lunch, we launch into multi-flash setups and advanced techniques. Colour, quality and direction of light are emphasised. Joe leads the day, shooting examples, but there is a two-hour period where students break into teams, each with a model, and everyone creates their own images. Joe rotates through each team offering helpful, annoying, constructive, philosophical, frivolous and generally pithy commentary and tips. This is an accelerated exercise in on the fly solutions, similar to what photographers on a paying job are asked to do. At the end of the shoot, each participant shows one image that represents success, possible failure, or a problem of execution to everyone. While not a full blown critique, it does offer folks a chance to see others' work and benefit from discussion of how the photograph was executed. Images are harvested for the models, light fades on the set.

• Lens(es)
• Memory cards(s)
• Speedlight

TRAINER: Joe McNally
COST / PERSON: £269.00
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