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Tower Bridge Experience

TYPE: Seminar

Join us for an exclusive workshop hosted at one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Nikon School has secured access to the top most level on Tower Bridge, where you will be able to photograph the London cityscape from a completely difference perspective. This is a chance to access an area and viewpoint that is not open to the public. From this vantage point, you will also have the opportunity to photograph the amazing architecture on the Tower and its surrounds.

The workshop will teach you the skills and secrets of capturing creative low-light cityscapes; it's ideal for keen amateurs and anyone who wants to try out this rewarding area of photography.

Starting at Nikon School, this workshop will take you around the busy streets of London, then on to Tower Bridge, where we will be able to capture sunset and twilight images. We will then finish with night shots of the Thames, Tower bridge and the City of London. In each situation you'll get practical hints and tips on spotting great photo opportunities, as well as how to tackle focusing, exposure, metering and white balance.

This workshop is strictly limited to 7 delegates, so book now to ensure you do not miss this great opportunity.

You will learn core techniques and correct camera set-up, including:
• What ISO to use
• Using the more suitable white-balance setting
• Which exposure mode to set
• The impact of using different shutter speeds
• Dealing with tricky lighting situations
• Creating images at slow shutter speeds
• Shooting handheld at high ISO settings
• To use or not to use noise reduction

It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an understanding of aperture, shutter priority and exposure, or have already attended the Getting Started with DSLR Photography workshop.

• Lens(es) - wide angle and telephoto to 200mm if possible
• Memory card
• Tripod - one with a metal quick release plate would be best if possible
• Remote release
• A bag to cover the camera in case it rains
• Suitable personal clothing so check the weather forecast
• Lens cloth - to wipe the lens if it does rain
• Travelcard or Oyster card as we will be taking a short journey on the London Underground

TRAINER: Neil Freeman
COST / PERSON: £149.00
Select DATE: No dates are currently available