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How to send your Nikon product for repair

If you have been unable to resolve the issue you are experiencing using the Support Centre or Download Centre sections of our website and need to return your equipment to us for examination or repair, please choose one of the following options:

  • Return your camera to Nikon UK for free

  • Return to Nikon UK via your preffered carrier

  • Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My product is under warranty, do I have to pay the carriage costs to send it for repair?

  • Do I need to get a reference number before sending the item for repair?

  • Do Nikon authorise any other repairers to carry out repairs on Nikon products?

  • I don't reside in the UK or Ireland, can I still send my camera to you to repair?

  • I live in the UK, my camera is not covered by warranty in the EU region can I still send it to you?

  • Do Nikon charge for providing an estimate?

  • Can I request an estimate over the telephone or via email?

  • How is my equipment returned to me?

  • How can I pay for my repair?