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Master of emotion.
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Get inside the story of ‘I do’. The D850’s incredible union of resolution, speed, and sensitivity ensures you won’t just portray the big day. You’ll reveal its heart.

This is the perfect match

Do more than take their photos. Tell their story. With stunning light sensitivity and dynamic range, you’ll transport them back through the power of detail.
The happy couple in black and white, and backlit under bright sunlight. Guests in colourful ensembles dancing under fluorescent lighting. Whatever the day throws at you, the architecture of the D850’s back-illuminated sensor ensures stunningly detailed 45.4 MP images. Tonal gradations are superbly smooth, from true black to pure white and everything in between. Image quality is exceptionally clean across the wide ISO 64–25600 light sensitivity range, which is available for 4K video shooting too. Whether it’s stills or video, you’re free to respond to the day as it unfolds. And go on into the night.
Magic moments. Captured in silence.
Capture masterful images in any venue. Auto Exposure metering lets you shoot under the light of the moon. Silent Photography mode enables unobtrusive shooting.
Whether you’re shooting on a Caribbean beach or in a medieval church, the D850 excels in romantic environments. The lowest metering limit is -3 EV (with f/1.4, ISO 100, 20°C/68°F), which enables precise automatic exposures even when the only light is the light of the moon. This camera also boasts the same phenomenal 153-point AF system as the flagship D5, which offers sensitivity down to -4 EV at the central point (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F). And when perfect moments require total quiet, the Silent Photography mode enables pin-sharp ultra-high-resolution shooting with no shutter noise (at up to 6 frames per second in Live View shooting).
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Classical brilliance
Great wedding portraits are no accident. The camera’s Advanced Scene Recognition system and radio-controlled-lighting capabilities give you superb flexibility.
Stay true to your vision of each moment. From a sea of smiling faces to the first dance, you’ll be in complete control. The D850 inherits its metering sensor and Advanced Scene Recognition system from the D5. Phenomenal facial recognition within group scenes frees you to re-define the beauty of those classic wedding shots. Refined auto white balance modes enable delicate colours and skin tones to be reproduced with stunning accuracy. Nikon’s acclaimed Advanced Wireless Lighting system lets you shape the scene exactly the way you want.
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Ready for the unexpected

Revealing moments don’t wait. The D850 does justice to your intuition with story-defining precision and mesmerising sharpness.
No matter how quick the kiss, or how fleeting the reassuring touch, you’ll capture the power of intimate moments. Wide AF coverage means subjects at the edge of the frame are easily detected, and vertical shooting is incredibly precise. Flicker Reduction reduces flicker effects for more consistent exposures when shooting under artificial light sources. And Highlight-Weighted Metering easily handles uneven lighting situations. Now you can avoid blown highlights when shooting a bride in a white wedding dress under extreme lighting. When you want to shoot without having to change settings, Auto Picture Control fine-tunes results to match your environment.
RAW emotion
Staged shots or candid shots. Digital albums or big prints. Benefit from incredible clarity and dynamic range whether you shoot RAW size Large, Medium, or Small.
All RAW size files retain incredible dynamic range, and all are compatible with the in-camera NEF (RAW) processing options. Shoot 45.4 MP RAW size Large for printing ultra-high-resolution images in ultra-large format. Shoot 25.6 MP RAW size Medium, or 11.4 MP RAW size Small (both 12-bit lossless compressed), when you’re shooting for digital albums. Or when you need to save storage space—for instance when shooting reportage-style images at high frame rates. Plus the camera’s SnapBridge compatibility means you can seamlessly sync JPEGs with your smart device. Perfect for uploading high-quality images to an online platform for absent relatives to access. The new 1:1 image area option allows you to create images with a square aspect ratio. This format is reminiscent of the 6x6 medium format and ideal for social media.
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Built for the field. Or the church. Or the beach.
Work comfortably in any setting. With the D850’s tilting touchscreen monitor, extensive weather sealing, and button illumination.
Express the heart and soul of the day with freer camera angles. The tilting LCD monitor offers touch shutter-release and touch autofocus during Live View shooting. And the high-resolution display makes it easy to review shots on the fly under any light. Images can also be trimmed in Live View , by pinching in or out and accessing the Crop Size Setting menu via the i button. The same button illumination seen on Nikon’s legendary D5 ensures easy handling during intimate evenings and candlelit receptions. And extensive weather sealing means this camera isn’t afraid of the rain, ocean spray, or flurries of snow at a winter ceremony.
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