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Record true full-frame 4K movies. No crop factor. No noise. No compromises. Give more freedom to the storyteller in you with the Nikon D850.

This is full-frame 4K

Do your creative vision justice. With no crop-factor limitations, you can take full advantage of Nikon’s fast prime lenses to create truly cinematic- looking footage.
Super-wide angles and beautifully shallow depth of field: the D850 captures every scene in exquisite detail. You can record full-frame 4K/UHD movies at 30p, and full HD movies at up to 120p. Gapless on-chip lens architecture maximises the light hitting the FX-format sensor, enabling far greater dynamic range and stunningly wide ISO. The fast EXPEED 5 processor ensures beautifully clean files, remarkably free of noise, moiré, and false colour. You can film 4K timelapse movies in camera. And the sensor’s 45.7 effective megapixels let you create spectacular 8K timelapse movies in post, after an in-camera interval timer shooting session.
More data. More flexibility.
With its fast, ultra-high-resolution FX-format sensor, EXPEED 5, and Flat Picture Control, the D850 enables maximum creative freedom when shooting—and in post.
The high-speed FX sensor and fast EXPEED 5 processor ensure incredible dynamic range. You’re free to shoot all the way to ISO 12800 or higher without worrying about noise. And if you’re recording B-roll footage, you can seamlessly merge with footage shot on any Nikon camera that boasts EXPEED 5. In post, the quality of the D850’s files gives you immense freedom in editing, and lets you pull high-quality stills. For the ultimate post-production versatility, you can shoot with the Flat Picture Control setting. You’ll retain all the details and preserve rich tonal information in both highlights and shadows.
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Mesmerizing slow motion
Record richly detailed Full HD video at frame rates up to 120p. Capture every nuance with exquisite clarity, even when shooting in dark situations.
Move your audience with incredibly smooth slow-motion footage and stunning light sensitivity. The D850 records 4x slow-motion video at 120/100p frame rates (with playback at 30/25p) or 5x slow-motion videos at 120p (with playback at 24p) ¹. Image quality is exceptionally clean across the camera’s ISO range of 64–25600, which is extendable from 32 to 102400 (equivalent). And Auto ISO in [M] mode lets you configure the maximum ISO settings you want to work with: ideal when you want to ensure smooth transitions between dark and bright areas. Or vice versa.
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Perfectly exposed

From bright to dark and back again. Manage exposure levels with Highlight-Weighted Metering and the zebra-pattern highlight display.
The D850’s Highlight-Weighted Metering function and highlight display might just become two of the most important tools in your arsenal. Highlight-Weighted Metering gives priority to the brighter portions of a scene in order to deliver better exposures and avoid white clipping. The zebra-pattern highlight display on the camera monitor reveals exactly where highlights are blown. You can choose between two zebra patterns, so you’ll always have a clear indication of highlights no matter what the patterns and textures of your subjects. And you can adjust the brightness level of the display from 180–255 depending on your needs.
Perfectly sharp
The D850 brings focus-peaking technology to FX-format movie shooting. Get immediate feedback as you rack focus through a scene.
Clearly see what’s in focus when shooting Full HD movies. The camera will detect the edges of highest contrast in your scene and highlight them so you can instantly see which areas are sharp. You can choose between red, white, yellow, or blue highlights, and detection sensitivity is adjustable between three levels. The camera’s high-resolution, high-contrast monitor offers exceptional visibility in any lighting conditions. When connected via HDMI for clean out, peaking information is not recorded on the external device.
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Every scene in your hands
With a wide range of touch controls, the high-resolution monitor makes it easy to compose and confirm shots.
Angle the high-resolution, touch-responsive 8 cm (3.2 in) LCD monitor to compose shots from elevations you simply can’t achieve otherwise. You can adjust the monitor’s brightness and/or hue to ensure perfectly clear pre-focusing and shot confirmation in any production environment. Register unique settings for film shooting on the D850’s independent movie menu screen without affecting your existing stills settings, making it easier to switch between modes. Pressing the i button will allow you to access movie settings while the shutter rolls.
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Perfectly adaptable
The D850 is easy to travel with and easy to rig. On set or on location, benefit from clean HDMI out, real-time audio monitoring, and an attenuator menu.
The D850 offers clean 4:2:2 8 bit HDMI out, plus simultaneous capture of full-resolution footage in-camera and on an external recorder. Data is output at the designated image size and frame rate, and is clean of the information overlay that can be simultaneously displayed on the camera's TFT monitor. If the external recording device you’re using is compatible with Atomos Open Protocol, you can sync the start/stop movie recording between devices. A stereo microphone input and audio out let you fine-tune audio levels in isolation both before and during recording. And when you’re filming on location, the new attenuator menu can help you avoid distortion. Simply activate the attenuator and the camera will automatically reduce microphone sensitivity as needed. Ideal in situations in which the ambient audio level can fluctuate unexpectedly.
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Longer battery life
Film for over an hour using the camera’s EN-EL15b battery. Shoot for more than three hours using the MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack.
The D850’s energy-efficient power circuit and EXPEED 5 image-processing engine give you more time to shoot between charges. Shoot up to approx. 70 minutes of video from a single charge of the camera’s EN-EL15b battery. Or use the optional MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack (with the D5’S EN-EL18B battery inserted) as a power source and shoot for up to approx. 215 minutes ².
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The NIKKOR advantage

Nikon’s fast f/1.4 and f/1.8 prime lenses give you exceptional aesthetic control in any light. Expect extraordinary resolving power, even when shooting wide open.
Use NIKKOR optics and the D850 becomes a uniquely agile cinematic system. NIKKOR lenses are highly praised by filmmakers for their sharpness and exceptional rendering capabilities. The large image area of the FX-based format combines beautifully with the resolving power of Nikon’s fast prime lenses to enable incredible depth of field. Create an intimate atmosphere with the NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4 lens , which boasts exquisite bokeh characteristics. Or go even wider and shoot immersive footage with the NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8 lens .
  1. When shooting slow-motion movies, the camera automatically sets the image area to DX and activates wide-area AF.
  2. All battery life shooting times for video are based on CIPA Standards.