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Master of Awe
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Reveal the true wonder of the natural world. With the D850’s resolution, speed, and sensitivity, you can do justice to the patience and preparation that goes into each shot.

This is Nature

Take full advantage of this camera’s monumental resolution and wide ISO 64–25600 range to portray the natural world in staggering detail.
From the savannah to the rainforest, the D850’s full-frame backside-illuminated CMOS image sensor delivers stunningly detailed 45.4 MP images. Gapless on-chip lens architecture maximises the light hitting the sensor, and enables the camera’s stunningly wide ISO and dynamic range. You get the flexibility to shoot in any light, or push the exposure and still get incredible detail. You can film 4K timelapse movies in camera. And the sensor’s 45.7 effective megapixels let you create spectacular 8K timelapse movies in post, after an in-camera interval timer shooting session. Extensive weather sealing means this camera isn’t afraid of harsh environments.
Be silent, sharp, and responsive
Attain exquisite shots of majestic wildlife in natural habitats with Silent Photography mode.
Work unobtrusively and with absolute precision when you shoot in Live View . Silent Photography uses the camera’s electronic shutter to deliver pin-sharp 45.4 MP images with no mechanical blur, at up to 6 fps. And when you’re tracking extremely fast subjects, you can shoot silently at up to 30 fps at 8 MP.
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Open up the night
Nocturnal habitats. Astrophotography. With noise-free performance at high ISOs, and metering down to -3 EV, the D850 delivers eye-opening clarity.
The fast EXPEED 5 processing engine ensures remarkable image quality across the wide ISO range of 64–25600 (extendable to ISO 102400, equivalent). The lowest metering limit is -3 EV. And the AF system is sensitive down to -4 EV at the central point (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F). You’re free to shoot with full autofocus or auto exposure in near darkness and attain incredible results. The same full button illumination seen on Nikon’s legendary D5 ensures easy handling under the blanket of night.
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Nothing escapes this camera’s gaze

Hone in on every little detail—from any angle—with phenomenal AF, Pinpoint AF, and the precision of NIKKOR lenses.
You focus on the composition. The D850’s proven 153-point autofocus system will take care of the precision. Benefit from fast acquisition and stunning background isolation with Group Area AF mode. Use 3-D tracking to track even small or fast-moving subjects with absolute precision—in any light. Shoot in Live View with Pinpoint AF mode to focus on a small area of a macro subject, such as the pistil of a flower or an insect’s antennae. Plan and execute the perfect angle with the 8 cm (3.2 in) tilting touchscreen monitor. Whether you’re shooting from a mountain hide or just centimetres away from a busy insect, the legendary resolving power of NIKKOR lenses ensures spectacular clarity.
Nature’s treasures in infinite depth of field
Distant lands. Delicate fossils. Mountainside wildflowers. Achieve vast depth of field from front to back with the in-camera Focus Shift mode.
Bring heart-stopping clarity to natural wonders large and small. The in-camera Focus Shift mode enables focus stacking of up to 300 shots taken at fixed intervals. Or you can work with continuous shooting at up to 5 frames per second for full- resolution images. Set the parameters for your focus-stacking sequence and the D850 gradually shifts focus from the starting point to infinity. You can determine the distance of each focus step from 10 selectable levels. Combine the pictures in post to create images in which every detail, from the foreground to the background, is superbly defined.
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Endless universe
Shoot full-frame 4K time-lapse movies in-camera. Create meticulous 8K time-lapse movies in post from in-camera silent interval timer shooting sessions.
Circling stars. Flowing clouds. With 45.7 effective megapixels of resolution and silent interval timer shooting, the D850 is a master of time-lapse movie production. Silent interval timer shooting lets you shoot for long periods without worrying about shutter degradation, mechanical blur, or shutter noise. Auto Exposure mode expands metering down to -3 EV, so you can sharply render starscapes or landscapes—and successfully film transitions from daylight to starry night. The minimum shooting interval of 0.5 s enables smooth footage of shifting cloudscapes and star trails.
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