London, United Kingdom, 20th September 2021: Today Nikon School UK introduces a one-of-its-kind shooting concept, which provides photography enthusiasts with the opportunity to take photographs alongside a Nikon School professional trainer, from the comfort of their own home.

During a Live Remote Shooting course, customers can participate by either watching along from the photographer’s point of view, seeing the exact in-camera setup in real-time, or by actively taking part in changing the camera settings themselves from their home device.

How live remote shooting works:

1. A Nikon School trainer travels to a difficult to access location e.g Waterfalls and tethers the camera to a laptop.

2. The course will be live-streamed via a video hosting platform and photographers will be able to join virtually.

3. The Nikon School trainer will share their screen and give the photographer joint control over their laptop; this screen includes the same button functionality as if they were using the camera in real life.

4. The photographer now has the opportunity to guide the Nikon School trainer in positioning the camera into a desired frame.

5. With free reign over controls, the photographer has the chance to play around with settings and either direct or capture an image.

6. Once taken, the image will display immediately on the screen providing an opportunity to see how the settings, camera and lens they chose affected the way the final picture looks.

7. The photographer is welcome to request specific lenses or cameras to be used, including those not yet available in store, and ask any advice Nikon School can offer.

8. Afterwards Nikon School will send the customer their RAW images taken on the course, allowing them to post-process to their desired specification.

Neil Freeman, Training Manager for Nikon School UK says: “We’re really excited about introducing Live Remote Shooting to our course line-up, providing all photographers with accessibility to remote locations and the unique opportunity to see and shoot as we do in picturesque sites around the UK and beyond. We hope by offering this opportunity, it will enable photographers to experience photographing with new and recently announced lenses and cameras out in the field, as well as testing Nikon equipment they’ve been considering purchasing, without the need for lengthy or costly travel.

This is also a perfect opportunity for them to ask us specific questions and test out unique features live, allowing participants to see how these changes reflect in the final images they’ll receive at the end of the day.”

Nikon School will roll out Live Remote Shooting as part of its event and training line up in the future, in order to expand their class-leading educational line-up, engage remotely with photographers and retailers like never before.

Live Remote Shooting courses will join the Nikon School line up at www.nikonschool.co.uk from October 2021.

Watch the Live Remote Shooting trailer here: https://youtu.be/M4tCv5c9l1s