Follow your intuition

Trust your instincts – feel the momentum, feel the light and you will get the shot you want.

Strive to be original

Always find a unique angle for any idea you have, do something no one has done before.

Get inspired

Learn from other peoples’ work and allow them to learn from yours. Let your work naturally evolve through this process.

Hard work pays off

Good work requires dedication, commitment and sacrifice - don’t ever give up.

Use your eyes, not the screen

Your camera is an extension of your eye, so don’t use the screen as your guide and don’t let technology take over. Check it every now and then to ensure your exposure is fine.

Manual setting is a friend, not a foe

Don’t be afraid of the manual setting; get to know your camera inside out and utilise everything it has to offer. Continually experiment to discover your optimum settings for each type of shot.