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Nikon 100th Anniversary

Pin Collection

100 years of Nikon’s history has been a journey through light. This commemorative pin collection consists of legendary models and historical company logos — just looking at them will take you on a nostalgic trip through the stories of each model.

Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection Overview

  • Contains a total of 25 pins
  • Made of pewter and fashioned with handmade die, each pin with its allusion of 3D features quality craftsmanship  
  • Comes with booklet describing individual models
  • Supplied with a plate engraved with limited serial number
  • Special metal frame

Specifications and appearance of actual products may differ from those that appear on the website

The pin collection is for decorative use only. When wearing the pin, be careful with the attachment screw. The pin may distort when excessive force is applied.

Keep pins out of reach of children. Children could swallow the parts or injure themselves. Pins are not made to be worn on clothes. Never wear them and exercise intensely as it may cause injury or accident. Parts may deteriorate, become discoloured or rust if not stored properly. Normal dusting is sufficient for cleaning the frame or mount. Do not place heavy objects on the frame or apply excessive force to it. Do not leave pins in direct sunlight, in areas of high temperatures or high humidity.