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Nikon 100th Anniversary

Miniature Nikon F Camera

The Nikon F. The genesis of Nikon’s flagship models, it has set the standard for SLRs across the world. It achieved unprecedented performance and reliability by concentrating Nikon’s optical and precision technologies into a single product, including proprietary standards such as the Nikon F mount that is still in use today. In this miniature, the Nikon F, which continues to be beloved by many camera enthusiasts, has been faithfully recreated in 1/2 scale.

Nikon 100th Anniversary Miniature Nikon F Camera Overview

  • Metal die-cast
  • Size: 1/2 scale [approx. 74 mm (W) x 49 mm (H) x 45 mm (D)]
  • Attached with Nikkor‒S Auto 50mm f/1.4 lens
  • Some parts are movable.
  • Imprinted with limited serial number
  • The design replicates the original Nikon F packaging box with the mockup of user manual inside it.
  • Stand: Miniature camera F is screw-mounted to a black base plate made of resin. Also supplied with a clear acrylic cover.

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Decorative model; does not have photographic capabilities.