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D500 100th Anniversary Edition

The Nikon DX format SLR camera was born in 1999 . Pursuing the optimal in image rendition, mobility, and usability—all the characteristics demanded of a high quality camera—the D500 enabled professionals and amateurs to unleash their creative spirit. With all the award-winning  performance of the D500 intact, this 100th Anniversary Edition model features an exclusive centennial design and comes with a special set of commemorative accessories.

D500 100th Anniversary Edition Overview

  • Attractive metallic grey finish
  •  100th Anniversary logo on the side of the camera’s pentaprism portion
  • Commemorative leather strap embossed with 100th Anniversary logo*
  • Body cap imprinted with 100th Anniversary logo
  • Metal case with plate engraved with 100th Anniversary logo and serial number

Specifications and appearance of actual products may differ from those that appear on the website

* Strap made of genuine leather. As this is a natural material, its colour may fade, change and/or stretch. The strap may also have the unique smell of leather.

Refer to the original D500 product page for main specifications