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D5 100th Anniversary Edition

Ever since the launch of the Nikon F in 1959, Nikon’s flagship SLR models have continuously been at the leading edge of photography, driven by the latest technologies. A history of trust was built through a pursuit of quality, making these cameras a favourite for professionals around the world, and even contributing to the space industry. The heritage of the flagship model is embodied in the D5 100th Anniversary Edition model. As a working model of the powerful D5 , this 100th Anniversary Edition also features an exclusive centennial design and comes with a special set of accessories.

Metallic grey finish

100th Anniversary logo on the side of the pentaprism portion

Body cap imprinted with 100th Anniversary logo

Engraved bottom of camera body

D5 100th Anniversary Edition Overview

  • Attractive metallic grey finish
  • 100th Anniversary logo on the side of the camera’s pentaprism portion
  • Bottom of the camera is engraved with “NIKON – CONTRIBUTING TO MANNED SPACE FLIGHT SINCE 1971”
  • Commemorative leather strap embossed with 100th Anniversary logo*1
  • Body cap imprinted with 100th Anniversary logo
  • Metal case with plate engraved with 100th Anniversary logo and serial number
  • Anniversary booklet detailing Nikon’s contribution to the space projects 

Specifications and appearance of actual products may differ from those that appear on the website

*1 Strap made of genuine leather. As this is a natural material, its colour may fade, change and/or stretch. The strap may also have the unique smell of leather.

Please contact a local dealer for details on product warranty. Please contact our Service & Support in case of need for repairing 100th Anniversary Edition models.

Refer to the original D5 product page for main specifications