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WX 7x50 IF/WX 10x50 IF 100th Anniversary Editions

100 years of leading-edge optical technology, brought together through passion and craftsmanship. The 100th Anniversary Edition of the WX 7x50 IF / WX 10x50 IF, the jewel in the crown of Nikon binoculars. Designed for discerning stargazers, its unprecedented super-wide field of view brings the starry sky to life, and makes users feel like they are spacewalking amongst the constellations.

100th Anniversary logo

Genuine leather commemorative strap

WX 7x50 IF/WX 10x50 IF 100th Anniversary Editions Overview

  • 100th Anniversary logo on the binocular body indicates limited edition
  • Engraved with 100th Anniversary limited edition serial number
  • Supplied with commemorative leather strap embossed with 100th Anniversary logo designed for the WX models*
  • Worldwide production limited to a total of 100 models for both binoculars combined.

Specifications and appearance of actual products may differ from those that appear on the website

* Strap made of genuine leather. As this is a natural material, its colour may fade, change and/or stretch. The strap may also have the unique smell of leather. 

Refer to the original WX 10x50 for main specifications Refer to the original WX 7x50 for main specifications