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8x30 EII 100th Anniversary Edition

The commemorative centennial edition of the 8x30 EII, the longtime big seller that has enjoyed an enthusiastic following by virtue of its bright, wide field of view, and superior dimensionality  provided by its Porro prisms. It embodies the tradition of Nikon binoculars, handed down from the MIKRON A Type (8x30A) of 1959, through the 8x30 E launched in 1978, and the 8x30 EII in 1999, as it continues to evolve over the decades.

8x30 EII 100th Anniversary Edition Overview

  • Body finished with high-quality metallic grey colour
  • Placement of 100th Anniversary logo on the binocular body to indicate limited edition
  • Supplied with limited edition case for the 100th Anniversary edition
  • 100th Anniversary edition special limited strap
  • Total worldwide production limited to 400 models

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