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Nikon U.K. Ltd. Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the fiscal year ended March 2017

This statement is made pursuant to the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act of 2015. Nikon U.K. Ltd. endeavours to ensure that there are no human rights violations related to our own operations, our supply chain and our products. We hereby provide disclosure concerning our activities to prevent and tackle slavery and human trafficking.

Nikon U.K. Ltd. was established on 1 November 1979 as a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Based in Kingston upon Thames, it is the UK and Ireland headquarters of the Imaging (imaging products and sport optics) and Instruments (microscope solutions) businesses of the group, providing marketing, sales and service functions. Since 1 October 2016 following a legal entity merger with Nikon AB, it is also the headquarters of the Nordic and Baltics region of the Imaging business. It employs approximately 135 people including office-based and field staff. Most products supplied by us are manufactured by Nikon Group companies and their suppliers in Japan, Thailand, China and elsewhere in Asia under the supervision of Nikon Corporation, ultimate parent company of the Nikon Group. Management and staff in key functions at Nikon U.K. Ltd. are aware of the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and the importance of human rights issues in supply chain management.

We are committed to conducting business ethically and refer you to the corporation statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking for further details, which can be found at: 

This Statement was reviewed and approved by the Nikon U.K. Ltd. Board of Directors on 25 September 2017.


John Walshe
Managing Director
Nikon U.K. Ltd.